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Covid and the Seasons of Life Design

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020

Hello Life Designers,

I just couldn't bring myself to go back to the regularly scheduled content in light of the ongoing pandemic concerns.  I promise we'll get back to the Bending Time series soon enough!

This week I decided to reflect on how the Four Seasons of Life Design:  Survival, Success, Significance, and Spirituality can inform us during these challenging times.  

I hope you enjoy it.

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Healthy Intentions

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020

In light of these challenging times, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about how Intention can play a huge role in keeping us not only safe, but sane.  

If you are interested in learning more about Covid-19, here are a few of the best, most compelling, resources I've encountered so far. 

Even with the rapidly changing landscape, which renders most things obsolete in a matter of hours, these hold up pretty well.  (As of March 17th, anyway.)  

Making Sense with Sam Harris #190 - How Should We Respond To Coronavirus (with Nicholas Christaki)

Making Sense with Sam Harris #191 - Early Thoughts On a Pandemic (with Amesh Adalja)

TED Interview - Adam Kucharski on what should (and shouldn't) worry us about the coronavirus

New York Times Podcast - The Daily - "It's Like a War"

Photocredit -

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Bending Time

productivity work Mar 03, 2020

Complete this sentence ... my life would be better, if I had more ...

Did you say sex?  If so, I can't help you.  But if you said time, then stick around, because we're about to launch into a month-long series on managing time. 

This week we focus on getting clarity about what is most important.

I hope you enjoy it,

Prosperous Journey,



If you are interested in learning more about the Eisenhower Matrix, check out this short video.  It's a great place to start.






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Mastering Intuition

intuition Feb 25, 2020

For the past three weeks, we’ve been exploring the idea of Practical Intuition. What is it? Why is it important in our day-to-day life? What are the obstacles to applying intuition in a practical way? What can we do to strengthen our intuition?

With this week’s Intentional Tuesday, I’ll attempt to synthesize all of the concepts from the previous three week’s videos. If you missed them, you can watch them here… 

Week One – How Intuitive Are You?

Week Two – The Case for Intuition

Week Three – How to Cultivate Intuition

I also want to invite you to participate in the Five Day Solo Deep Dive, where you’ll receive a new micro lesson and challenge each day to take your intuition to new levels!


How Intuitive Are You? 

Not sure? Check out this mini-self assessment to get a better sense of your intuitive self. It will take less than a minute and you won't even have to provide your email address ... Go ahead,...

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How to Cultivate Intuition

intuition Feb 18, 2020

Welcome to Part III of this 3-part series on Practical Intuition.  If you missed Part I or Part II, you can watch them here:

(Part I - How Intuitive Are You?) (Part II - The Case for Intuition)

In this episode we're going to explore several ways that you can cultivate and strengthen your intuition, including an opportunity to participate in a Five Day, Solo Deep Dive.  

Further Reading...

I hope you enjoy it!  

Prosperous Journey,



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The Case for Intuition

intuition spirituality Feb 11, 2020

Welcome to Part II of this 3-part series on Practical Intuition.  If you missed Part I, you can watch it here.

In this episode, we're going to explore the case for intuition.  We'll also be looking at some of the arguments against intuition, including some of the common traps and pitfalls.  

I offer a simple model to help you assess your relationship with intuition.  Knowing where you stand is crucial to devising an appropriate strategy.

  • Cynical
  • Skeptical
  • Curious
  • Seeking / Certain

Can you guess where you want to be?  

Further Reading...

I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you join me next week for Part III, where we explore some ways to cultivate our practical...

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How Intuitive Are You?

intuition Feb 04, 2020

This week we begin a three-week exploration of ... Practical Intuition.  

How intuitive are you?  Not sure?  Check out this mini-self assessment to get a better sense of your intuitive self.  It will take less than a minute and you won't even have to provide your email address.  :)

In this week's video, I'm going to offer a practical definition of intuition and describe the different types of intuition that you may experience in your life.  We'll also debunk some of the common misconceptions that often give intuition a bad rap.  

I hope you enjoy it!  If you do, like it and share it with a friend or 20.

Prosperous Journey,



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Exploring Creativity

For the past three weeks, we’ve been exploring the concept of Creativity, with the following key premises…

  1. Each of us is Creative
  2. Creativity is something worth pursuing, regularly
  3. We can cultivate creativity

In case you missed the three-part video series, I’ll provide links below.  This week will conclude our creativity series with a written recap.


Are You Creative?

What is the role of creativity in your life right now?  Not sure?  Take 30 seconds to complete this self-assessment and come back here when you’re finished.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to enter your email address or offer up your credit card info.  (Feel free to leave those in the comments ) 

How did you do?  

In my experience, most adults struggle a bit when it comes to creativity.  Either they don’t think they are creative, they don’t see the value in creativity, or a combination of the two.  This is really...

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The 4 Barriers to Creativity

creativity fun Jan 21, 2020

This is final episode of our 3-part series on Creativity.In this episode we dive into the 4 Barriers to Creativity.  These are...

  • Beliefs
  • Boundaries
  • Biases
  • Busy-ness

This is also a very special episode because it is the first ever Five Day Deep Dive opportunity!  When you sign up for a deep dive you'll receive one email each day for 5 days.  Each one will include a short lesson as well as a daily engagement challenge.  The goal is to take your learning deeper and to move out of the realm of theory and into practice application.  

Click here for more information about the 5-Day Deep Dive Concept and to sign up for the Creativity Deep Dive.

Additional Reading & Resources:

If you missed the first two parts of the Creativity Series, you can watch them here:

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The Case for Creativity

creativity fun growth Jan 14, 2020

This is Part Two of a three-part series on Creativity. 

Last week we focused on defining creativity and making the case that we are all creative.  I proposed the idea that creativity is more about sourcing our ideas from within ourselves.  In other words, from a place of internal perspective rather than overly relying on outside perspectives or the influence of others. 

Creativity is more about the process than the final product.  If you missed that post, you can see it here:  Are You Creative?

This week we make the case for the benefits of bringing creativity into our lives.  The benefits are many and include the full spectrum of human motivations and drives, including:

  • Survival
  • Success
  • Significance
  • Spirituality

Next week, we'll explore how we can bring more creativity into our lives.

Interesting Articles

The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature, Heather L. Stuckey, DEd and Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH


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