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Never Too Late:  Get Unstuck, Escape Mediocrity, and Design a Life You Love

Mike Herzog's first book was an instant Amazon best seller and continues to serve as the best resource available for anyone who wants to take control and design their best life.  


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Are You Living on Autopilot?

Do you find yourself simply going through the motions?  Day after day.  Watching the clock, hoping things will change.  Are you so immersed in your life you don’t have time to work on your life. We have a name for this. 

We call it ... Living By Default.

We settle for things the way they are. We choose the path of least resistance.  We remain in unfulfilling careers and we justify it by telling ourselves, “it pays the bills.” We endure mediocre relationships or settle for a life of loneliness and we convince ourselves that we’re not worthy of more. We follow the herd until we forget who we are, let alone who we once dreamed of becoming. We allow the light of our soul to dim just a little bit with each passing day.

You can continue to Live By Default and accept the dissatisfaction and the lack of fulfillment. 

Or, you can make a different choice.  


The Design Alternative

You don't have to Live By Default.  There is an alternative.  You can choose to Live By Design.  

Once you make the shift, and start thinking about your life as something to be designed, everything changes.  We become intentional about the elements that we include and the elements that we exclude from our life.  We become the driver, rather than a passenger.  We become an influencer, rather than merely being influenced.  

Here's what happens when we become the designer of our life...  

  • We get healthier
  • We get better results
  • We feel empowered…which gives us satisfaction
  • We connect with people on deeper more meaningful ways
  • We feel more authentic
  • We feel more on purpose


Life By Design is a choice. 

And It's Never Too Late to make it.

Never Too Late is for you if...