Life Design Courses

If structure and support are what you need, you've come to the right place.

Online Courses

Most of our courses are self-paced, online, and available on demand.  See below for the current offerings.

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From time-to-time we offer a live, collaborative, online Masterclasses in conjunction with our online courses.  

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From time-to-time we offer highly interactive online challenges that are independent from any existing courses.

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The Jumpstart Kit

The Jumpstart Kit is the quickest way to introduce yourself to the concept of Living By Design.  This one-week online course shows you how to:
  • Use the Life Design Blueprint to identify the areas of your life where you may be Living by Default
  • Assess your current mindset to determine where you need to grow in order to become a Life Designer
  • Use the Life Design Assessment and Planning Tool to assess your current state and to identify the high priority areas for improvement
  • Design Projects, Practices, and Habits to support your Life Design Goals




Never Too Late

Never Too Late is a five-week online course shows you how to:
  • Assess each of the 7 areas of Life Design in order to create an accurate map of your current state
  • Develop clarity around your goals for Life Design … what you want, what you don’t want, and why  
  • Skillfully navigate the Four Seasons of Life Design:  Survival, Success, Significance, and Spirituality … learn to recognize when you’re dressed for the wrong season  
  • Identify the true nature of the obstacles, such as time, money, and fear,  that stand in your way and design appropriate strategies for navigation these obstacles  
  • Develop and a comprehensive Life Design Plan and then start living that plan from that point forward  
  • Design a solid support strategy for your Life Design, including your Design Team, coaches and mentors, and accountability structures



Superpower 5.0

Superpower 5.0 is a five-week online course that shows you how to:
  • Identify and overcome your native resistances to the very idea that you have a superpower
  • Identify your superpower and then name it with powerful and potent language
  • Create more opportunities for you to use your superpower to increase your influence and your impact
  • Use your superpower as a life-compass, providing you with reliable, long-term strategy and direction
  • Broadcast your superpower story so that others can better appreciate your gifts and also find ways to help you use them more frequently
  • Understand the shadows and limitations of your superpower so that you can effectively manage them and reduce their negative effects
  • Develop a plan for intentionally cultivating and strengthening your superpower over time
  • Use your superpower to help others maximize their own impact by helping them to understand their superpower