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Life Designer's Credo


We are the unknown, unsung heroes of our time.  
We’ve decided that ‘good enough’ is no longer, good enough.  
We long for something more from our lives and we not afraid to reach for it.  We have the courage to confront the scariest monsters … the ones that live inside our own head.  
We refuse to relinquish our power.  We won't be anyone’s victim. 
We relentlessly pursue perfection.  Not the perfection that comes from the arbitrary approval of the masses. But the perfection that comes from the quality of our effort. The perfection that comes from knowing that we did our very best.
We don’t stand down.  We step up.  
We don’t follow.  We lead.  
We don’t settle.  We stretch.  
We never hide behind a mask.  We speak our truth, loud and clear, for the world to hear.  
We don’t procrastinate.  We don’t hesitate.  We move forward.  With full intention.  Into the unknown.  Confident in our resiliency.  
We are committed to doing The Work.
We are Life Designers.  

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