The 4 Barriers to Creativity

creativity fun Jan 21, 2020

This is final episode of our 3-part series on Creativity.In this episode we dive into the 4 Barriers to Creativity.  These are...

  • Beliefs
  • Boundaries
  • Biases
  • Busy-ness

This is also a very special episode because it is the first ever Five Day Deep Dive opportunity!  When you sign up for a deep dive you'll receive one email each day for 5 days.  Each one will include a short lesson as well as a daily engagement challenge.  The goal is to take your learning deeper and to move out of the realm of theory and into practice application.  

Click here for more information about the 5-Day Deep Dive Concept and to sign up for the Creativity Deep Dive.

Additional Reading & Resources:

If you missed the first two parts of the Creativity Series, you can watch them here:




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