Intentional Tuesdays

Landing on the Moon

Most of us live our entire lives in a state of mild distraction.  I literally can’t complete this sentence without my mind wandering to a dozen unrelated things.  Whew.  That was exhausting.  Why do I do this?  Is there anything I can do about it?  I went to the moon to find out. 

Ok, maybe it wasn’t the moon, but it was what I imagine the moon would be like.  In fact, I was in Joshua Tree National Park.  My plan was to make this a mini vision quest, which includes 3 major elements: nature, fasting, and solitude.  Unlike my previous vision quest, I didn’t have any particular “topic” that I wanted to explore.  But, with my wedding a mere 30 days away, it seemed like a good time to get away and spend some time with the wild horses that roam the vast emptiness between my ears.  

Since my goal was to be alone and spring is a popular time to visit Joshua Tree, I entered the park at one of the less...

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