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You Have Two Choices: Love or Fear

There are only two human emotions that matter: Love and Fear.  The rest are simply variations of these.  Every important decision we make is reducible to either Love, Fear, or a combination of both.  When I first encountered this proposition, many years ago, I thought the concept was so simple that it was not worth my attention. Still, I experimented with the concept and that is when I realized the simplicity is what makes it so powerful.  By examining your decisions and actions through the lenses of Love and Fear you will become more skillful at navigating the most challenging situations.  

First, we’ll start with a simple definition of Love and Fear.  I think we each have an embodied sense of what these words mean, but I think these definitions will help to establish a common baseline.  The biggest resistance that I get when I suggest there are only two emotions is that people feel there are other emotions that don’t reduce to these...

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