Introducing - Superpower 5.0

superpower May 04, 2020

Today, I have an exciting announcement:  After more than a year of research interviews and writing, my second full-length book will launch on 5.5.2020.

The book is called Superpower 5.0:  The 5-Point Plan to Develop the Best Version of Yourself.  This book is a follow-up to my first book, Never Too Late:  Get Unstuck, Escape Mediocrity, and Design a Life You Love, which was a #1 New Release and Best Seller on Amazon.  

Superpower 5.0 provides a deep dive into one of the core concepts of Life Design, the idea that each of us has unique superpower.  I believe that Superpower 5.0 is the most accessible and practical guide for unlocking your ultimate potential.  The book draws upon proven techniques for identifying, applying, and optimizing your unique superpower.  It includes dozens of real-life examples and insights that I’ve never shared before. 

But make no mistake, Superpower 5.0 doesn’t contain a lot of fluff.  None, actually.  I’ve worked hard to make this book impossibly efficient.  I find my attention span is getting shorter and shorter these days, so I wrote this book in a way that is easy to start and easy to finish. 

Who is Superpower 5.0 for?  I’m glad you asked…

  • Anyone who is interested in getting better results and having more impact. Once you understand your superpower and learn how to wield it with skill, you’ll be unstoppable. 
  • Anyone interested in living more authentically. Your superpower is born out of your fundamental uniqueness.  When you learnt to express yourself through your unique superpower, the feeling of authenticity is undeniable. 
  • Anyone interested in relating better with the people around them. Once you understand your superpower, you’ll be able share it with the people around you, which will allow them to better work with you, to benefit from and appreciate your superpower.  It gets even better if you know theirs!
  • Anyone with a vested interest in helping others to improve their performance. If you are a coach or a leader in an organization, Superpower 5.0 is a game-changing tool.  Imagine a world where everyone knows everyone else’s superpower! 

To learn more about the book, visit

I offer training programs related to Superpower 5.0. If you are a coach and you are looking to apply the Superpower 5.0 method to your coaching practice, or you are a leader within an organization and want to apply the method to your entire team, please reach out to me directly by emailing [email protected].   

Thank you so much. I am so excited about Superpower 5.0 and I can't wait to share it with you.



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