Rediscover the Passion Through Your Superpower

superpower Jun 16, 2020

Are you passionate about your work?  If not, can you remember a time when you were?

Passion is a game-changer.  When you're passionate, work doesn't feel like work.  When you find the passion, your fuel and your drive come from a different place.  Passion provides a limitless source of energy and enthusiasm.  Work is joyful.

What happens when the passion fades?  Work becomes work.  It becomes something you have to do, for all the wrong reasons.  

What causes the passion to fade?  For many, it's something that I call professional drift.  It happens slowly, usually over the course of many years.  One thing leads to another and eventually you find yourself doing work that isn't really the right work for you.  

That's where your superpower comes in.  When you know your superpower with absolute certainty and total clarity, you're able to notice when you've drifted off course.  You'll be able to make the necessary adjustments.  Once you do.  Once you bring your superpower back to front and center, you'll rediscover the joy and the passion.  

Your superpower changes everything.

So...what is your superpower?  


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