Are You Hitting Your Mark?

creativity growth purpose work Jul 09, 2019
How do you measure your effectiveness and impact?  If you are like most people, you focus exclusively on the end goal.  After all, it’s all about results, right?  
But what if your focus on the end objective is actually limiting your results?  
Have you ever been bowling?  Where is your attention just as you release the ball?  Where are you aiming?  Your answer to this question will reveal your skill as a bowler.  Good bowlers don’t focus on the pins. Good bowlers focus on the aiming arrows on the floor just a few feet in front of them.  If the bowler ‘hits their mark’ there’s a good chance the ball will hit the pins in the right spot.  
Turns out, it’s easier to roll 10 feet perfectly than it is to roll 60 feet perfectly.  
Now, back to the original point.  Where is your focus in life?  Are you simply aiming for the end result and hoping to roll the perfect strike?  What would it look like to have some aiming arrows in everyday life?  
A couple of weeks ago I talked about Virtuosity, which is the art of doing common things uncommonly well.  Focusing on your degree of virtuosity AS you are doing a task is like using the aiming arrows.  Rather than counting how many pins you hit, you focus on how well you hit your virtuosity mark.  
Focus on hitting your mark and the results will follow.
In this week’s video portion, I’m going to talk about another cool word that can serve as way to calibrate the quality of your execution.
The word is Meraki.  In Greek, Meraki means the creativity, love, soul, passion, and essence of yourself that you put into your work.  When you do something with Meraki, a piece of you is transferred into your work.  Your personality shines through.  
If you’re interested in learning more about Meraki, come join me in the video conversation. 
Otherwise, go practice hitting your mark.
The Dude abides,

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