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What motivates you?

People come to the Life Design Center for all kinds of reasons. Maybe some of these will feel familiar...

How do I achieve work-life balance?  This is something that people ask us all the time.  But is this even the right question?  Perhaps there are better questions.  What are your true priorities?  What are your habits and patterns that cause you to over-commit?  Our Life Design approach will help you get crystal clear about your priorities and then put in place the systems you need to stick to them.

At work or at home, there is nothing more emotionally and physically exhausting than a difficult relationship.  Great relationships make bad situations bearable and terrible relationships can ruin everything else in our lives.  Our Life Design approach will help you take an intentional approach to cultivating great relationships.

We all have a longing to be significant and we all want our voice to be heard.  Whether you are seeking a life of greater purpose and meaning or whether you are simply looking to become more effective at getting your ideas across, our Life Design approach can help you achieve the influence you are seeking. 

It may feel like more money is the simple answer. Here is a secret.  It's never that simple.  Money problems are often more about competing priorities, limiting beliefs, and untested assumptions.  At the Life Design Center, we'll help you take change your relationship with money so that you can stop worrying about it.

Making change in our life is hard.  We setting into our routines and we convince ourselves it's better to stick with what we know rather than go off searching for something we may never find.  Changing your life shouldn't feel scary and it should not feel like an all-or-nothing proposition.  Our Life Design approach will help you to approach the idea of changing your life in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you.

What does it take to stop living by Default and start living by Design? Our Life Design method consists of three crucial stages.


Step One is about getting clarity around what you want in your life. Surprisingly, most people lack clarity about what they want. They know they want something different, but they don't know what.  This makes it impossible to move forward!


Step Two is about declaring your intention to make change in your life.  Intention begins when you make a choice to start living differently.  You realize that you are empowered to live on your own terms.  Instead of living by chance, you begin living by choice.


Without Action, nothing changes.  It is true that every significant change starts within you, but you have to get out of your head and start moving your feet. Only then will you gain true insights and begin realizing the benefits of your design.

Clarity Ahead...

Take the first step towards designing the life you deserve. The Life Design Jumpstart kit is our entry-level experience. Check it out!


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